Newbie question about GPS,PowerModule and Connectors

Hi guys we’re building an octocopter with these parts
2 parallel 4s battery 10000mAh 10C
U3 motor 20A continuous current

I’ve read that the navio+ power module can only handle 60A of current is there alternative that I can use that can handle 160+ Amp current? Also is the XT150 battery connector suited for this build?

Also what will happen to my power module if I draw current greater than 60A? lets say 100A, will it heat up and supply a 100A current or will it only supply a 60A?

The power module provided by Emlid can read up to 90A, but it works with a voltage range from 0 to 5V. The Navios ADC port works with 0-3.3V, hence the current limit of 60A.

The most common sensor for your application would be the Attopilot. Like this one:

It reads up to 180A and 50V and works with 3.3V reference voltage.
It is only a sensor, so you will have to power the Navio with a BEC.

The specs for the XT150 connector say 100A continous, 150A burst

Thank you for the informative reply. We had a field testing today, GPS works fine when using wifi for telemetry but their is no GPS Fix when using a 3DR radio connected in the UART port. We though maybe there’s some signal interference so we tried separating the GPS antenna and 3dr radio for about 1feet apart but it still doesn’t work.