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I recently took delivery of two RS2s that I will use for RTK. I have been through the quick start and documentation and think I’m missing something pretty basic.

Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Downloaded ReachView for iOS as well as Android.
  2. Followed first time directions for updates to the RS2s, this involved switching over to my local Wifi network **** questions on this follow ****
  3. Renamed them as Base and Rover
  4. Set up the base and rover as directed, to use LoRa for rover corrections.
  5. Base is initially set to use NRTIP for its position by fix average. For the NTRIP fix I use my local Wifi as in ***** above.
  6. Rover gets a fixed position just fine over LoRa in my home office testing (both base and rover still on my local Wifi ****)
  7. In the field I will plan to use either a SIM card in the base or my phone hotspot for the initial base position with NTRIP. Then what?
  8. ***** Once I have my averaged fix position for the base, should I then turn off Wifi and mobile on the base?
  9. ***** When I am in the field and away from any Wifi, I assume that the base doesn’t need Wifi (or mobile date) as it already has its position from above. Further, I assume that the rover doesn’t need Wifi or mobile data because it is getting corrections from LoRa.

Please correct me on any errors in my thinking or procedures above.

The problem I’m seeing while testing base and rover around my home office (outside) is that base and rover are sometimes unreachable. I created some stakeout points in WGS1984 for testing with the rover. These appear correctly on the map in the survey tab after I uploaded the CSV file. When I use survey to go to these points, the response is jerky and slow… I would expect the map positions to update as I walk to the stakeout points but that’s not the case. The rover also loses contact with the ReachView app periodically.

I think whatever I need to do is either forget my home wifi network or else turn off Wifi, after I have done the initial setup. I suspect that the problem is that the RS2s are losing contact with the local Wifi.

Can someone please help me correct this? I either missed something basic or there was a bit of info left out of the basic setup instructions.


After your base gets its average fix and starts transmitting corrections, internet for the wifi is no longer needed. I use my phone hotspot.

Is the reachview app mobile with the rover? The app uses wifi, again, I use my phone hotspot for this.

Hi Brian,

Let me comment on your message above.

Your statements number 7, 8, and 9 are completely right. The general workflow with the NRTIP correction for the base and the LoRa would be like this:

  1. Provide the RS2 base with the Internet. It can be the SIM card in the RS2 or Wi-Fi hotspot shared from your phone.

  2. Obtain the base position via NTRIP and store it.

  3. Now you can disable the Internet connection and configure the base sending corrections to a rover via LoRa according to that guide.

  4. Proceed to survey.

Regarding the intermittent access to the RS2, could you please tell me, which software version are you using? Also, could you please clarify, how far away is your router situated?


It would be also great if you could share the screencast of this behaviour. You can upload the video on any file transfer service and PM it to me here or send it to the

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