New Video Tutorial: Placing the Base Over a Known Point

Hi everyone!

Aleksei from Emlid here.

I am pleased to share with you our next video tutorial! It covers the process of setting up the base station over a known point. More videos coming soon!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’ll be glad to see them in the comments section.


Nice tutorial, and very to see that You guys are showing the whole flow!

A few comments on the tripod/tribrach setup:

  • I find it easier to make the final adjustments if the tribrach is reset (all knobs are neutral) from the beginning
  • mount the receiver and antenna to the tribrach before doing all the fine adjustments. Screwing on these things when adjusted will bring the setup out of alignment.

That was a very informational 3 minute watch. Nice job guys :+1:


Really nice and instructive video.
I wonder if you can make another one covering the following situation. In my work we usually find situations (I am an archaeologist) where access to the internet or cell phone coverage is not that good, so using NTRIP is out of the question. Can you make a video where instead using aknown point or using NTRIP you have to set your own base in PPK mode using data from a CORS station?
That will be really helpful.
Thanks in advance and keep the good work
Sincerley yours


Hi Gerardo,

Thanks for the suggestion! It’s noted :slightly_smiling_face:



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