New version of Navio+ with Reach integration

I’ve buy Navio+ for a multicopter and for the following reason :

  • light is right, integration : gps, barometer, imu, 13 pwm, servo gimbal, wi-fi and ( no need of rc stuff a lot of wire ) … Weight : 106 grs with Rpi
  • powerfull of Rpi2, use of RaspiCam ( 4 grs), evolution etc…

As i 've understood, reading the forum, M8N’s NAVIO+ couldn’t work at a better rate than 1Hz, and RTKLIB needs 10Hz or more for centimeter accuracy, and RTKLIB couldn’t work with APM.
Add a second GPS on NAVIO+ is not a clever solution for me.

So have you planned a newer NAVIO ? or is it possible to use only REACH on ground station only and communicate with NAVIO’s GPS.

Thanks a lot for the NAVIO’s idea !

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