New user - Have I chosen the right platform!?

Hi All,

Looking forward to receiving my Navio2 soon. I wonder if anyone can answer a couple of questions for me, or point me in the right direction?

I don’t actually want to use my system to control a drone, I’ve chosen it because it appears to have the best available sensors onboard. My application is an image processing one - I need to very accurately correct image data to transform imagery from the camera’s reference frame to geographic coordinates, using the GPS, heading and attitude sensors. To this end, I’d been intending to implement a GNSS aided INS algorithm (using an extended Kalman filter I think) to make precise navigation information from the Navio2 available to the main processing application , which is written in Python and will run on the RPI.
However, it occurs to me that there may already be a decent INS implementation within APM. Am I right? If so, would the data be easily available to a Python application?
I’m slightly worried about how the accuracy of the magnetic compass will degrade the performance of the overall system, but I’m hoping that the fusion of the heading data from the compass and rotational data from the gryos will be good enough. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences in this area? Professionally, I’m lucky enough to work with RLGs for this kind of thing, but as this is a hobby project I don’t have the budget (or the space/weight capacity) available!

I’m also interested in the RTK capabilities of the Navio2 - maybe I’m missing something here, but would I need a full Reach kit (receiver and base station), or can I run RTKlib on my RPI using the Navio2’s GPS, and use a single Reach unit as the base station?

Please excuse the ramblings! Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated!


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APM has a very good INS implementation and you can get data from it using DroneKit Python.

Unfortunately GPS on Navio2 is not suitable for RTK.