New User and Having Startup Issues

I’m new to Reach RS2. I have followed along the tutorials to link the Reach to wifi to update the firmware. But the Reach is now in Client Mode (blue wifi light) but I can’t find it on the network, the only network. I can’t find it in wifi. And it’s not listing in the App whether I’m on the network or not. How do I reset the Reach back to default to start again? I can’t find any documentation on that. Only documentation says to be on the same network. I’m stuck.

Are you in a home or business type network? If you get it away from everything or turn off your other Wi-Fi signals temporarily you can get it to default back to hotspot mode.

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Michael is right, you need to go away from that Wi-Fi network. Then after reboot, Reach RS2 will turn on its own hotspot.

Sometimes Wi-Fi networks have some kind of firewall or can be just overloaded, which can be the issue why you can’t find Reach in the app. You can connect to a different Wi-Fi, for example, by creating a mobile hotspot on your phone.

Also, please note that Reach can work only with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. If your network is 5 GHz, Reach won’t connect to it.

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