New unit can't get past the update page

try turning a new unit for the 1st time. it won’t get past the update routine.

Hi Juan,

Well, we definitely need your cooperation to understand what’s going on with the device. First things to check:

  • Device model (RS2 or RS+?)
  • LEDs behavior
  • Screenshot of the updater page: are there any failed tests?

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you are kidding right? you are asking me to provide those when I mentioned that it happened to a new unit?
the newest new units are in your storage house. why can’t you try one from there?

It is really hard to help if you can’t provide those basic details.
The time it took you to write the above response, you could have provided the details requested and we could have been progressing with the troubleshooting.


Hi Juan,

All our devices come through comprehensive testing before leaving the factory. If the device doesn’t turn on or fails any checks at this stage, it never reaches you.

There can be different reasons why the device starts to misbehave just after arrival. In most cases, these are the software issues that can be fixed after troubleshooting with us. If troubleshooting makes us think this is not a software issue, we arrange a replacement and make sure such a situation won’t happen in the future with other units.

Still, we can’t go any further with your issue until we understand what is going on with the device. We need to understand why the unit doesn’t pass the updater page: the screenshot of the updater will show it to us. We need to understand the model of your device to suggest further troubleshooting steps: even if both RS2 and RS+ fail the same tests, there can be different reasons for this behavior that require different solutions. The same is for LED status.

That is why we can’t provide you with the solution to your issue until we know this info.


This post was moved from another thread. my post was in reply to someone saying that the upgrade process is optional. I said that when I got my unit, I could not bypass the update page upon first boot up. That was several years ago. I could not update via wifi. Had to use the firmware update via USB option.
Please stop cutting and moving posts into a new thread because it takes away the continuity of the posts.

Hi Juan,

We move posts not to mix up the communication on different issues and questions. It seems that, in this case, we got confused by your comment and arranged a new thread by mistake.

I’m closing this thread.