New to Navio2

I was trying to make rover with navio2.
I have bought this truck.
I have navio2 hat connected with RPi 3B+. I was trying to connect the receiver came from the truck, but I can not pair it. Can you suggest me which RC receiver and transmitter should I get? and I will need bit more help to setup a rover.


Hi Raj,

You can try the RC receivers that we mention in our guide:

  • FrSky D4R-II 4ch 2.4Ghz ACCST Receiver
  • FrSKY V8R7-SP ACCST 7 Channel RX with composite PPM
  • FrSKY D8R-XP
  • FrSky TFR4 4ch 2.4Ghz Surface/Air Receiver FASST Compatible

You can also search on the forum what RC receivers were used by our users as many of them shared their setup.