New setup

Hi all,

I’m in the middle of building my new drone, but I’m faced with some problems for which I would need some advice…

  • How is it possible to feed an element (a Video Tx) asking for at least 6v? I think the Navio can only provide 5v maximum. How is it possible to connect to the main LiPo without having to add one dedicated to this unique element?

  • Can I use the Raspberry’s 5v output while flying?

  • In the diagrams available in the documentation, it is not clear how to distribute the battery power between the 4 different ESCs. Should we use a “Y Splitter” to separate the single wire into 4? Or rather use a “Power Distribution Board”? Any links to this kind of hardware?

  • I’d like to use a radio using the new “Access” protocol to control the drone. Is it possible already? Someone has the reference of a compatible model?

Thanks a lot, pilots!

If you use a Power Distribution Board, there are some with fixed and variable Output

Choose your components with care.