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I have recently updated my RS2 units and collected some survey data and noted that the zipped RINEX file that I download from the RS2 unit contains different files. The zip file used to contain *.obs and *.nav file formats and now has *.21B, *.21O, and *.21P .

In-addition to the *.21O observation file, I need the *.nav file for post-processing in Emlid Studio (and in external software). I looked up on the Emlid forums about the change in available file formats and discovered the following post:

It seems the take away message from this post was to suggest downloading the UBX file from the antenna and use the Convert to RINEX app to create the *.obs and *.nav file.

This seems like a bit of step backwards to me. Why did Emlid release an update that now requires me to use another app to convert a UBX file to produce a *.nav file?

But as I was preparing to ask this question to the forum, I just noticed in Emlid studio when you hover the cursor over the question mark on the Navigation button, a list of accepted file formats pops up and at the top of the list is .**P. Which I guess indicates that the *.21P file is the needed navigation file for processing! I think the above post should have mentioned this, so I created this posting to possibly help others.


*.nav file = *.21P file

Hi Peter,

Yeah, that’s a good point! The thing is that Liudmila posted it this May, and Emlid Studio was only released a month later, in June.

Many users first search for the solution on the forum, and this is not a good thing that they can find old topics where we recommended using RTKLib and struggle with it. We’ll definitely go through such topics and leave comments about Emlid Studio for all future PPK researchers coming there for the answers :slightly_smiling_face:

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