New Reach flasher tool ver. 1.1 works great!

I saw the new Reachview version 2.20.6 was out and I had 2.20.5 but would not do the update on it’s own and needed a little help (reflash) I was not looking forward to doing it as the last time I tried version 1 it locked up my RS2 (half flashed) But as I sat here one side of me was saying go for it it’s a new flasher it won’t happen again, while the other side of me was saying Don’t do it they will have a fix out next week and you can just wait. Well I decided to go for it. So you have to currently reflash if it does not allow you to upgrade. Back up everything you need and write down any server ip # you will need to re enter. Flash tool is loaded with version 2.20.5 (even if you already have that version) go through the instructions it does it’s thing then do a reboot. Upon reboot you enter in the wifi information and it will now tell you and allow you to update to version 2.20.6. All went super smooth Thanks to Emlid for the new flash tool.


Hi @brycethomaskennedy,

Glad to hear new flasher works fine for you!


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