New Raspberry Pi 3 with 64-bit cores and built-in Wi-Fi and BLE

New Raspberry Pi 3 is about to be announced, it will bring 64-bit 1.2Ghz cores and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is surely an exciting update for Navio2 and we can’t wait to get it into the air.

It is expected that the new processor will be similar to the previous BCM2835 with upgraded cores (probably Cortex A53), just like it was with the previous upgrade from single-core ARMv6 to quad-core ARMv7. That means that the peripheral blocks should stay the same and will have a high level of compatibility while bringing more performance. Cortex A53 is 30-40% faster the Cortex A7 according to data from ARM.

Build-in WiFi and BLE should simplify the configuration of the board eliminating the need in USB adapters.

As soon as we get our hands on the board we will make sure that it is supported by APM and will work with Navio2 autopilot HATs. As Raspberry Pi foundation maintains 40-pin connector compatibility it should be a seamless upgrade. We are yet to see how different the software will be for the new processor.

Thanks to CNX-Software for bringing the news.


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Great News and thanks for the always up-to-date support! Looking forward to the New and faster navio2/rpi3-Combo!