New image arducopter 4.0.3 receiver PPM isssues on Navio+

Hello Emlid. My Navio+ was working fine on Arducopter 3.6.11, i just flashed another SD card with new image, now my FRSKY receiver is not seen on radio page, it just does not reconise the receiver on PPM mode, i have the same wiring same everything just new SD card, if i swap card with the previous image it works fine.
I have had this same issue before and you guys fixed it, i think it is easier now.

Raspberry 3B

Hi Domingos,

We will try to reproduce the issue on the new image with Navio+ and come back to you with the results. In the meantime, may I ask you to use the previous image?

Hello Artem, yes i will be using the previuos image while you take care of this issue. Thanks.


I’ve checked with the team regarding this question. The latest image is optimized for Navio2. There might be some incompatibility with Navio+, that is why we recommend using the previous version of the image with it.

Ok i will be waiting for you.

Would you have any news on the updated image for my Navio+?

Hi Domingos,

We don’t have plans on updating the latest stable image for Navio+. The only workaround here is to use the previous image - emlid-raspbian-20190227.

Hello Liudmila, would you have any update for the NAVIO+? Since arducopter is doing very good improvments on the software it would be interesting on having my NAVIO+ updated.

Hi Domingos,

We’ve recently updated the kernel version for Navio devices. You may reflash your Navio+ with the latest image and run the sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade command.

After this, please check whether it works fine for you.

I will check and let you know.

Hi Domingos,

Sure, thanks!

After all kinds of tests here, it still doesn`t work on my receiver. Same problem as before.

Hi Domingos,

I see; thanks for checking this anyway.

I can’t really say why this issue appears on your Navio+ with the latest image. Overall, there were no drastic changes since the previous image that might have affected your device’s performance. I suppose the issue is related to the particular firmware version of ArduPilot.

The only workaround here is to install the firmware version that worked for you and check how it goes with the latest image. You can take a look at this part of the guide to learn how to run a custom binary.

Hello Liudmila, i still cant get it to work on the new image, i myself cant do the custom binary towork due to my lack of abilities. If you can make the changes on the new image, please let me know.

Hi Domingos,

Thanks for your feedback, but we don’t see the image update being included in our roadmap. I can suggest two ways of how you can keep working with your Navio+:

  • you can use the previous image, which should work without any issues
  • you can use the previous image, but try to install the binary of the necessary ArduPilot firmware version. I’ll put the configurational steps below to follow them easily.

These are the instructions for ArduCopter 4.0.3:

  1. Connect to your Navio2 and insert the following command in the terminal:


  1. Then, run:

chmod +x arducopter

  1. Modify the file /etc/systemd/system/ardupilot.service. For this, run:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/ardupilot.service

  1. Replace this line:

#ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "/home/pi/<path>/<to>/<your>/<binary> ${ARDUPILOT_OPTS}"

with this line:

ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "/home/pi/arducopter ${ARDUPILOT_OPTS}"

  1. Save the file and close it.
  2. To start the custom binary, run:

sudo systemctl start ardupilot.

If you want to use another version of the binary, you can find the links to them on the ArduPilot firmware site.

I am not that good on computers, can you make it work on a navio+ and send me a link to download the image ready to fly?

Hi Domingos,

I can hardly share the configured image via the link as all the configurations needs to be done on the machine you’re working with. It doesn’t work the same way as sending the files from one computer to another. In such a case, I can only suggest sticking up to the most stable image working for Navio+ in your setup.

I will see if i can find a solution and let you know

Hi Domingos,

Please keep us posted.

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