New Build Tarot FY680 PI2 Navio+

Hi everyone, This is my new project. I received the navio+ this week and spend sometimes reading and reading, doing test with good results, have it flying in only 2 days, put some hours on it, but I’m happy how everything is working perfectly, Some of the instructions are very confusing and sometimes I think that can be improved, I have no experience with APM or Linux at all but I manage my way. Auto start the APM is working perfect on the raspberry side, had some trouble with the compass for the version that I download by the instruction page so I manage to compile the 3.3 ver and correct the compass issue. Tested today on some flight modes with no issues just little adjustments to be made. Now im working on wifibroadcast for no association requirement for FPV with the raspberry camera.
This is my equipment:
Tarot fy680 frame, 4108 motors with hobbywing platinum ESC , Frsky Taranis, X8R receiver with Frsky S.bus to CPPM decoder, 3D Robotics telemetry, raspberry Pi 2 Navio+, Headplay HD FPV.

Please feel free to ask any question, I’m here to help. Video coming soon.


Hi there,
I noticed that all my nano-tech lipos got puffy. Yours too. I wonder whether they are safe at all.
Suggest you to switch to another brand. If they get that puffy under easy conditions, guess what may happen if they are really stressed. One additional deep discharge cycle and they may fail completely.
The capacity of the turnigy nano lipos is also worse than claimed. Suggest you to use the new multi star lipos. They have higher capacity, and mine were never getting puffy so far. Regarding your build. Have you tested for compass interference from the electronics?

Best, Daniel

Hi Daniel and thank you for your comment.
Im aware of the problems with the lipos I make some research on that, this nano-tech lipos are crap from my opinion, got a few of them and all are like that, they are a lot of people talking about the same with this brand, for now this lipo are holding charge well but I’m not letting go below 3.7V and probably I damage it before I had telemetry and 1 cell was discharging faster than the others. Waiting for some new from US store GForce Elite 15C.
For the compass interference from the electronics, I’m having no interference at all but I need to do more test, for now everything is working properly, my motors are very efficient , some data log need and I will on the next fly if the weather permit, here in this island is very windy all time, I’m a glider instructor and fly every day.
First I need to figure it out how to data log on APM Planner 2.


Second test, correcting more stuff, it is flying very good, but i log my fly, and i don’t think that i have vibration issues, but there is no way to set up the compass offset inside parameters with the APM calibration. Any advice? I read that is a common problem here but someone resolve it? or external is the only solution?