Neutis, its the brains of the operation

Emlid Neutis

So this is the brains of the GNSS, I am unsure the total load computing rtk takes on this unit. Or if that is mostly just done by the Ublox. But either way it shows what is under the hood.
This is definitely what is running the reach view survey portion.

Emlid created this to replace the discontinued Edison.

It is also for sale as a development board. Its specs are kind of in the beagle board arena.
The Neutis itself is very well priced, the breakout board is worth 4X the chip.
I wish i had the programming skills to make one of these worthwhile. Currently Arduino still has room for me to grow, or my ideas are just that small.

I think its exciting these off the shelf development boards exist (Arduino, Pi, Teensy, Beagleboard, and now Neutis). They certainly make it easier to jump in when the stroke of genius arises.

Has anyone on here used one of these Neutis boards for a non-gps related application?

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