Network adjustment using emlid studio

Hello emlid community, I’m new in this forum and i begin my journey using emlid reach rs2 gnss receiver.
I want to know if emlid studio is capable to process network adjustment to two static base stations.
My workflow is described bellow:
1- i use 2 RS2 receivers in static mode.
2- one receiver is over a known point coordinate (the location of this benchmark is far from my study site)
3- the second receiver is located in my area of interest and the objective is to create new benchmark point, i will use this point as base to carry RTK survey.
4- the are no NTRIP service or CORS station in my area (no man’s land :cry:), so i can’t use NTRIP CASTER to stream corrections).
5- i have both 1.2 &1.3 emlid studio

Thanks in advance and don’t hesitate to correct me if you find something wrong in my workflow.


Hi @hattababdelhak,

Welcome to our forum!

You can post-process data from 2 receivers in Static PPK mode with the baseline up to 100 km. For this, you only need to record raw data logs on both devices.


Another option is to use a PPP workflow to establish a benchmark at your survey location if you have the time.


If you have internet in your area, you can create your own NTRIP CASTER to establish your benchmarks where you need it.