Negative age of differential

Hello BenLewis,if age of differential shows in negative value(-0.40) what does it mean ? can you explain about this?
Thank you

If you’ll allow me to interject, age of differential should always be a positive number. If the number is negative, then there is a clock synchronization problem between base and rover.

Seeing an age of differential of -0.40s in ReachView means that the rover believes that the base correction signal came from 0.4 seconds in the future, where in reality that is not possible.

Let me propose that one unit was powered on while indoors so it updated its clock from the network NTP service or it had to use time from the internal battery powered hardware clock. The other unit was powered on while outdoors and it was able to update its clock from the satellites. Since the base and rover set their clocks from different time sources, then they are not perfectly synchronized. In this case the base clock is set ahead of the rover clock which could have the effect of displaying a negative age of differential in ReachView.


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