Need to change the frequency after each reboot

Hi, Can someone please tell me how to downgrade from a beta version to the latest stable version as per the notes in the start of this thread. I have a pair of RS+ units running V29.1 and I’ve had an issue since the most recent update. The units won’t connect over Lora unless I change the frequency on both units each time I start them up. Also running Reachview 3 V7.10

Hi Colm,

I can see that we’re already in touch with you over email about it. Let’s continue troubleshooting there just to keep all of the details in one place.

Regarding the updates, please note that you can roll back only from the Beta version to the latest Stable. The process is described in our How to update firmware guide. It’s not possible to roll back from one Stable to the previous one.

You’re already on the Stable firmware. We’ll investigate why you’re experiencing the issues and will solve them.

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