Need RS+ advice; NMEA string output over serial

I suspect I could find answers in other forum posts if I dig far enough, but unfortunately we are in a time crunch and I’m hoping some kind souls will help.

We need high-precision NMEA strings, output over serial, to feed our data logger. My understanding is that we can use our local DOT’s CORS network as an NTRIP connection for a single RS+ to get 2-4cm (with normal caveats for sky view).

I’ve already ordered an RS+ kit, and am about to order a RS/RS+ Serial Cable. I don’t have any of the items in-hand yet, but I’m trying to get ahead of the game a bit, because time is already short.

Does the serial cable connector attach to the same port as the LoRa antenna, replacing it? If so, does that limit our ability to connect to local NTRIP services?

I’m almost positive I’ll have more questions and need more help, but I think this is my pressing concern at the moment. Thank you in advance for any help.

The optional RS+ cable plugs into the bottom connector of the RS+ where it says DC in 5 - 40V:

You see the LoRa antenna connector on the bottom right corner.

LoRa is used to pass corrections only between your own two Reach devices. Not applicable in this case.

NTRIP corrections will have to come in over the internet. You can let your Reach RS+ get internet access by telling it to connect to a Wi-Fi network with internet access.

That Wi-Fi network could be a traditional router or it could be a hotspot that eminates from your mobile device (cell phone, etc.).


bide… You. Are. Awesome. Thank you.

With regard to the “DC in 5-40V”, our data logger supports (optionally) power output over serial, 1A 12V, on DB9 pin 4. The RS+ docs I found are a bit unspecific about the pin configuration for power input over that port. Do you happen to know if that’s the pin the RS+ would be expecting to receive power on? It’s not crucial, were planning to use the internal battery anyway, but it’d be good to know in case something ran dry…

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you purchased a cable with the bare wire ends (CBL101), then you can utilize your pin4 and attach that to Reach’s charge input.

If you purchased a cable with a preinstalled connector (CBL102,CBL103), then only three wires are connected in that connector (TX, RX, GND) so it will not support any other feature such as charging.

AFAIK, all the wires are present in those cables, so you probably could chop the end off of a CBL102 or CBL103 and install your own connector with custom pin configuration (TX, RX, GND, CHARGE). If you do that, just be careful with the grounds. Sometimes there are separate grounds for signals and for power (and for shielding too), but the chances are that it won’t matter.


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