Need network to connect and operate?

I understand that you need to connect to reach rs with reachview app, and that this requires a network. So if you don’t have a wifi network or cell data then you can’t operate?

Does the reach RS connect and work with geomax x-pad software? any tips or advice on this?

Question 1 - Option 1 - Reach RS creates its own network and then you connect to that one.No data is required.
Option - 2 - Another device creates a hotspot and both Reach RS and your mobile device connect to this.
Option - 3 Mobile device creates hotspot and Reach connects to mobile device.
In any case, data is not required to run Reachview app. Data is required for NTRIP RTK data correction transmission.

Question 2 - Deferred :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer, very helpful.

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