Need help with Reach RS NTRIP video tutorial

I have a NTRIP caster which allow to establish RTK connection between base and rovers. But many users have difficulties to config Reach RS as RTK base and RTK rover.

Since i have no Reach RS, I need someone with 2 Reach RS receivers, who can make a video tutorial and upload it to Youtube.

In the video you should:

  1. Register at
  2. Create new mountpoint and client
  3. Config Reach RS as RTK base with NTRIP output.
  4. Config Reach RS as RTK rover with NTRIP input.
  5. Esteblish RTK connection between base and rover.

I ready pay $100 by PayPal for the video.

Best regards, Ilya

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Happily do this. but will need a demo account for creating client, otherwise the $100 becomes $90.
contact me at

Thank you Simon. I will contact with you.

Excellent video tutorial from Simon


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