Need help with putting all components together!

Hello everyone,

so I have a school project which is to build a steerable rocket with an EDF. I’ve done some research and ordered the components suitable for the purpose of the model. Since there was one extra free Navio2 at the faculty department, I’ve decided to take it and use it instead of buying some other new autopilot. The components I have are:

  • 3x 6.0 - 7.4 V servos
  • 150A ESC with BEC: 5.5V / 5 A
  • 3x Li-po 7.4V 2S batteris
  • EDF : 6 cell lipols, 21.5 V, 93.5 A

Plus I bought the power module for the Navio.

But with all those components, I’ve run to some issues. I can’t use the ESC’s BEC, because it gives too much voltage. Even if I could, It wouldnt be enough for the servos. I never build any model, the components all together were pretty pricey so I’m super cautious in terms of putting everything together correctly so I wont destroy individiual components. And I do feel a bit lost and maybe overwhelmed, therefore I do have these questions that someone might be able to response to?

  1. Can I use the power module with current setup between batteries and ESC to power my Navio2?
  2. Can I the ESC’s BEC just leave be without any connection since it is too much for Navio and too less for the servos?
  3. If I use less power servos with 5 V max, I still need to use something else than the BEC from ESC, right?
  4. Is it good idea to use another external battery just for the servos and connect it with separate BEC to the Navio servo rail?

My desired wiring would be something like this

Thank you for any tips in advance!!

Hi @blahri,

Yes, this power scheme seems to be correct.

Sure, it’s ok if you keep it without connection.

I’d recommend examining the servo datasheet to check which power source is required for them.

Sure, you can power them separately. In this case, you need to connect servos GND and signal to appropriate pins from Navio2 servo rail.

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