Need Help with Post Processing Workflow of an RTK Survey


I need some help with post processing Ground Control Points that were collected for a drone mission. I am using 2 RS2’s in a base/rover setup using the Reachview app.
What I cannot figure out is how to the get the corrected points that were shot during the survey from the RTKPost processed data. So that I can have a corrected CSV file to use with my drone mapping software. Below is the workflow that I took.

Base Collected over an unknown point for 2.5 hours
GCP points collected with the rover for 60 seconds each.
The Base RINEX file was corrected using OPUS
Corrected base coordinates were entered into RTKPost in the Base Station section of the Position Tab and the data was processed.

From this point with the processed data how do I pull the corrected location for the points that were collected in the survey?

Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered.

Do you have the start/stop times for the rover survey? How did you count the 60 seconds?

I have the start/stop times in the CSV file from the survey. The 60 seconds was set as the recording time with a Fix solution in the ReachView app for each point.

You could use this software:

or mine if you are ready to donate money for using it:


Is that 60 seconds of raw/rinex logging or 60seconds in survey mode?
60 seconds might not be enough to ppk, but you could be lucky.

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