Need help with hardware question! Urgent!

So with my setup i got tarot 690 hexa frame and i got hobbywing x-rotor esc opto version and i didn’t realize i needed bec to power the pwm rail so i have nothing providing power to it, my question is do i really need bec and if yes what are good recommendations ?? I am ruining multistar elite 740 kv -4006 motors and the hobbywing 40A opto esc.
But if i can avoid it since i need to have my project ready in the next two to three weeks can i run the 5v from the power distribution board(My PDB has 5v slot to run electronic components) to the navio pwm header or is that big no no ??

If your ESC main leads are connected to a power distribution board you do not need to power the servo rail

Even if they don’t have internal bec ? Oh and another question my esc only have two of the three pins one on each end of the connector do i need to change the way it is or is it supposed to be like that?? or the positioning doesn’t matter ?


Do not change the wiring, White is for “signal”, Black is “Ground”.

If you need to power a servo or something connected to the servo rail ( 9 to 14 ), 5 volts from distribution board is OK.


Do you have a power distribution board connected to your ESC’s

Opto ESCs have a small internal power regulator to provide their electronics with 5 or 3.3V. As long as they are connected to the flight battery, they are gonna work allright.

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