Need Help setting up camera gimbal

Having issues get Navio2 to communicate with my camera gimbal. I’m use ch9 on the navio2 and rc6 in mission planner.

Hi Bobby,

Sorry for the delayed response. We were on a public holidays.

Can you specify which gimbal do you use?

I also want to mention, that most gimbals has three servos for pitch, yaw and roll. You need to connect them all individually to Navio2.


I have a 2 axis and I’m only looking to control the pitch. As you can see in the pictures I plugged the pitch wires into ch9.

The camera gimbal has a basecam control board on it. It the 8 bit basecam board.

Hi Bobby,

You mentioned you set the RC6 input channel in Mission Planner. Could you clarify whether you also set CH6 Opt to CH6_NONE in the Mission Planner Standard Parameters?

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