Need help Post-processing configuration for BASE and ROVER

Hello users,

as we never get our EMLID REACH RS to work properly in RTK, I would like to use PPK as this still the lase option to save it from being a paper press! AR Ratio unstable or never get fixed. But it’s an other story.

What we want to do:
Install and survey GCPs for volumetric calculation, so dont need absolute accuracy.

We want to use one Reach RS as Base station and the other REACH RS as Rover. Do the survey and later post-process survey with RTK-LIB as described in the EMLID documentation.

What I’d like to know (this is where I would need help) is:

1-what are the settings of the Base station to do that?
2-what are the settings of the Rover to do that?
3-How long I will have to survey/observe a GCP to get fixed in post-processing

I repeat that I dont want RTK as it is a pain to make it work properly… probably our location or more probably me repeating and still repeating same mistakes… :wink: anyway, I wrote it was an old story!

All I want to do is… use Rover and Base without RTK correction and post-process my survey at the office… no more!

Any help will be appreciated.

One I will know how to do, I promise I will write an article on the workflow and put it on the forum and maybe email it to Igor… so he could add it to the Howto section.

Found this… maybe this could help?

I see your other question isn’t getting answered.
In regards to this one…I would have all satellites systems turned on, although I’m not actually sure if those settings make a difference for logging. You can have them both set at 1hz or 5 hz. You want to log all information you can and let your post processing software sort through the data.

  1. Logging turned on the whole time you are conducting your survey.
  2. Logging turned off except when your pole is positioned vertically and without moving over your ground control point. Each time you turn it on it starts a new log. Each log will correspond to a control point.
  3. That depends…I have done it for just a minute or two but I think best practice is ten to fifteen minutes. Of course, it still depends on conditions.

Do you like reading?:wink: Some of the answers relate to your question. Also, we’d be happy to help you with your rtk settings at some time. Also, the newest version of Reachview has a feature that will make it easier to help you troubleshoot your settings.


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