Need help in creating RINEX data from a Navio RAW / r-pi setup

Hello, Im new to the Navio products. Can someone explain how to setup a Navio Raw board on the Raspberry Pi A+/B+ and start collecting raw data for post processing. And then i need some help in creating RINEX files.

thank you,


Hello Dan,

To find out how to setup everything for logging please take a look here:

Rinex could also be created using RTKLib, as in this manual:

Let me know if you have further questions.

@igor.vereninov, thank you.

Are the Navio RAW boards still available? If no, is the Neo-6T USB Dongle the same GPS only in a different package?

thank you


BTW, My plan is for a single Rover on a vehicle.

Therefore the work flow is this

Rover station* ----> Raw Data ----> RINEX ----> GNSS Post Processing Software <---- FTP Download of Precise Ephemeris data

Output: Post-processed track logs of the vehicle

Do you see any problem here?


Navio Raw boards are not available any more, but Navio+ also outputs raw data. NEO6-T USB Dongle uses the same receiver as Navio Raw. For postprocessing dongle with RPi will do just fine.

Your workflow is definitely posssible.