Need functional Emlid Reach version of convbin b27 for windows

I"m working on automating post-processing in Windows of data collected on the Reach. Most specifically, I need CONVBIN and RNX2RTKP, and I need the Emlid version due to need to retrieve the time marks/reflect them in the OBS file generated, which base RTKLIB does not do.

I am running into dead ends and any help is appreciated. First off, I need version b27 (current known issues with b28 and higher means I cannot uses those versions). Secondly, even with the current version, I am running into continued challenges with trying to compile from source after trying with Embarcadero C++ Builder (current version 10.2.3), MS Visual Studio 2017, or with MinGW.

Any guidance on how to get the b27 code base, as well as known “tweaks” necessary in order to successfully compile CONVBIN for Windows in particular is greatly appreciated. Alternately, if there is a published location for the already compiled EXE’s for b27 of the Emlid version of RTKLIB CUI’s, that would be wonderful as well.

Thanks in advance for the help, and (as always), the product is awesome!


I think you can use git tags to checkout the source code version you need. Our RTKLIB fork is still on Github, as always. We did not focus on supporting Windows CUI utilities, so you might run into some problems with the build. If you indeed have issues and will manage to fix them, a PR is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks Egor. That confirms what I expected (both that the CUI code indeed likely does have a few problems that need adjustment prior to build - which I am encountering - and the fact that my C/C++ skills are as rudimentary as I feared they might be). After fixing some references, I’m still encountering issues with what appear to be standard C library references/linker tool errors, which are apparently notoriously elusive to chase down.

If you know of anyone recently successfully building the CUI apps from source on Windows, I appreciate any leads. Thanks again for the thoughts.

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