Need documentacion / software for first gen Reach RTK

Hello, Im new on the forums. Im looking for a RTK GPS kit
I have some experience on Arducopter/PixHawk/Arduino
I just found this old video from Reach. And I found a guy on my city that is selling 2 of them.

I would like to use them to survey small fields. I have a few questions

If im working with 2 of this modules linked with a 3dr 915 radio, so they can work in RTK, one fix, second one Rover. Can I keep recording each point while Im moving ? If stay in one place still for a few seconds, is there a web interface to create an name a specific point ? does this 2 modes have the same aquaracy ?
I will place the rover on a fix point of the place to survay, so I have a fix reference. Lets say that I survey a area without any know fix point, what tools ( and are they free? ) do I need to solve a absolute positon ?

And what are the main difference on hardware/software between this product and the Reach RS+ ?

Thank you guys, sorry for so many questions, I need to be sure if this fits my needs or if i need to go for a Reach RS+

The Reach module you are considering to purchase will run the latest software, and it there will continue to be software updates for it in the future.

The difference between a legacy Reach module and the Reach RS+ are mainly that the RS has a built-in battery, antenna, radio, and mounting threads.

Hey @bide thanks for the reply
It was a lame question sorry, what I mean, is besides the hardware difference on the product itself, ( shape, antena, built in battery, lora modules), the edison cpu/software, and ublox module are the same ?
I mean, I can teoricaly get the same result on performance between the 2 products ( besides the range of the lora modules, let say I use the 3dR radio and Im on a shot distance to mantain the link )

Is any comparison online of this modules next to a professional gps ( the ones of 10uss or more ) ?

I will read all the RS+ documentation to keep learning, thanks !

The Reach RS has the same brain as Reach, + a fancy housing, battery and radio.

Are you from the Dominican Republic? (i am)

There are many ways to record postitions, either you can do it using RTK or PPK.

If you want to use RTK, i suggest you use an android device with NtripClient set for mock locations and Mobile Topograher, NtripClient is free, but Mobile Topographer is about $20 USD , considering what you get, it woth the price. You can also use any other android app, maybe you can get a free one with a lot of adds in the PlayStore.

If you want to do PPK, you can use RTKlib for postprocess, it is free.

Also, the Reachview app has the option to store points positions, actually only in WGS84 format, it is also free.

Just clarifying, in “GNSS” world, the expensier is not always the better, you have to make a balance between what you pay and what you get.

With Reach and Reach RS, you get professional “GNSS” results, i own “professional” GNSS ($USD 15K+) recievers, with the right configuration and enviroment, the differences are sub centimetric in RTK mode.


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