Need Additional Reachview 3 GEOID

Would it be possible to get NAVD88 Geoid 18 on RV3? All we have access to now is 2012B.

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Hi Michael,

Sure! You can already choose NAVD88 height with Geoid18 transformation in the ReachView 3 app. There are also some some comments about that in the CRS setup recommendations for USA in our docs.

So EPSG 6360 is Geoid 18?

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Yep, that’s right.


My Reachview 3 apps on iOS just updated today and I am having some major issues (Probably me?)

I went to collect points today and saw that there have been changes.

Before I was using NAD83(2011) as my Coordinate system and NAVD88 with Geoid 18.

I cannot find NAD83(2011) anywhere only projections of it. And I also cannot find Geoid 18 anymore in the Vertical Coordinate system.

To finally make my day a total bust I was unable to connect my new Phantom 4 RTK to Local NTRIP either (Sorry I know this is not the thread for the Phantom problem).

Am I missing something with the updated Reachview 3?

Hi Jamieson,

Not a long time ago, we discontinued support of several coordinate systems without a projection. However, you can still use NAD83(2011) Lat/Lon coordinates in your projects.

Choose the coordinate system with projection applied in your area based on NAD83(2011) and the NAVD88 height option, which uses Geoid18 for transformation.

Both plane and geographic coordinates are recorded for each point in the project. After the export, you can use Lat/Lon coordinates from CSV for your tasks.

Edited: …coordinate system with projection applied in your area…


I think that is pretty much what @jaja6009 is doing. I think the mention was that they couldn’t find those datums in the list?

Hi Michael,

I think I got it right :slight_smile: NAD83(2011) was a geographic coordinate system without projection, so we removed it.

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Regarding the Local NTRIP question, please double-check credentials applied in the DJI controller and the ReachView 3 app as we changed Local NTRIP credentials with the recent firmware update.

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This is one of those things you geospatial guys do that I don’t understand probably moreso in the way of terminology. I understand NAD83 geodetic but we use NAD83 (2011) State Plane CS’s exclusively. Can you help me understand what you are saying about NAD83 being removed?


Maybe I’m a bit unclear; let me explain. In the past, geodetic CS without a projection, such as EPSG:6318, were available in the CS menu of the ReachView 3 app. We removed such CS from the list to simplify and improve the support of coordinate systems in the ReachView 3.

You can still use state plane coordinate systems in the app.

However, as I understood from @jaja6009’s question, he needs only geodetic coordinates. That is why I explained how he could get them in the recent versions of the app.

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So WGS84 is the entire globe and NAD83 (2011) Surface is the North American cousin? And our NAD83 (2011) Grid comes from that?

Does the removal coincide with the Global CS that appears now?

Yes, you’re right. WGS84 is a global CS, while NAD83 (2011) is based on the North American tectonic plate, and Grid is based on NAD83 (2011).

You can check the description of NAD83 (2011) on the NOAA website.

Yes. The Global CS means that the receiver applies WGS84 by default if it works in a single mode. Alternatively, Rover uses the geodetic CS of the base unit if corrections are received.


Thank you. I guess I wasn’t as lost as I thought I was. Sun to the back and make right turns. You’ll get somewhere…

Hello and thank you for your response.

It is partly my fault for not checking to read about the firmware update. I had not used my units since the update and was out in the field, so I thought I was going crazy when I could not find NAD83(2011) like I had before the update.

I have it figured out and am back to business so to speak.

I’m glad to help!

The road will be handled by the walker :slight_smile:


Yeah, I understand. Things can change a lot after a long break. We’re keeping the pace :smiley:

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