Need additioal Reachview geoid of Thailand

I am working in Thailand with local geoid model named “TGM2017”. I converted original file format to GeoTiff by Gdal tools. Here’s is the link of file. I would like to use Reachview 3 to get the orthometric height from ellipsoid height. Is it possible to add this geoid model in Reachview?

Hi @pbrobo, thanks for the request. That makes me think that it would be nice to be able to import a custom .tif file in ReachView.

Hi Prajuab,

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We’re always open to adding necessary geoids and coordinate systems to the app. However, we can only add them if they are included in any official registries. In this case, it doesn’t look like it is. We’ll research this topic with the devs, of course. If you have any comments on where we can find the registry code for the geoid, it’d be nice :slight_smile:

Regarding the import of the custom geoid, it sounds nice, but it’s actually not that easy to implement. There are a lot of undercurrents that are hard to tame. So this is not an option at the moment, but we’re noting all requests, though.

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Hi Florian,
Hi Polina,
The local geoid model “TGM2017” doesn’t official register yet. Like many countries in South East Asian they have their own local geoid models but never register to EPSG. So this is a big problem for our surveyors in this region. I hope Reachview’s developers should implement for import the custom geoid directly to the application. This is should be the best way.

Hi Prajuab,

I see. We’re checking what we can do here. Thanks for the explanation!


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to tell you that in the latest version of our app Emlid Flow 8.7, we have added a new vertical datum for Thailand, Kolak-1915 height. It uses the TGM2017 geoid that we have discussed in this thread.

Feel free to update the app and test it out! You can share your feedback with us by reaching out via or by creating a separate thread here on the forum. Thank you!