Nearest Option without mountpoint

On one of department in my country provide CORS base station. But when i want to acces it, there 3 option:

  1. nearest
  2. max
  3. imax
    without mountpoint.

@igorvereninov @egor.fedorov @mikhail.avkhimenia
I tried to accessed one by one, no result. Any ideas to accessed that CORS base station?
It can access with RTK with nearest configuration

That department supply one of CORS base station near by my place.

Maybe you should turn the option “Send single position to the base station” on and wait for some time?

My guess is that the system will decide which base station should be used automatically, based on rover’s feedback and send the right corrections.

Is it exist in ReachView configuration?

Yes, that’s right. I found in NTRIP android application can access those base based on manual input coordinate. And maybe it canbe use for post processing, but i don’t try it yet. And the close range from my place is about hundreds kms. I don’t know can it use.

Right here

I use singel and ntrip service provides VRS automatically

Thank you @egor.fedorov and @TB_RTK for your concern. And i will try it soon.