Navio2 won't connect


I have a navio2-based quad. This morning I had no problems flying, but tonight my drone wouldn’t even turn on properly. I would connect the battery and it would only display a solid green light forever. I am not able to arm its motors, nor can I connect it to my laptop through SSIH.

Would anyone have a guess on what happenned?


Does the LED on the board switch off after powering on? Could you try inserting your SD card to your computer and see if there’s any filesystem related errors. If there’s any I suggest running something like sudo fsck -y /dev/sdX which will most probably resolve your issue.

Hi, thanks for the fast reply!

The LED doesn’t turn off.

I connected my SD card to my PC. It does show me an error message, and it asks if I would like to examine it and correct it or continue without it bein examined. I’m running windows 10 though.

I imagine the command you suggested should be ran on linux, right? Is there a Windows alternative? I don’t have any computers with linux available right now…

Turns out all my SD files were deleted somehow… I’m currently formatting it and re-installing the raspbian image

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