Navio2 with FrSky S.Port Telemetry

Here is my build:

  • Navio2 running the latest 20170323 image
  • FrSky X8R receiver
  • FrSky XJT Transmitter Module
  • Turnigy 9XR Pro Controller
  • (battery, motors, esc’s, and frame are irrelevant for this question)

The FrSky receiver and transmitter have a Smart Port that will allow a telemetry connection using the same modules as the RC. This would allow me to see the status of my drone from the 9xr controller without having a ground station setup or buying a separate telemetry module. I would like to be able to use this smart port capability with my Navio2 setup; however, I haven’t been able to find any solid instructions or methods to make this work using the components I have.

Some people have reported using a teensy, arduino nano, or these cables (in the links below); but all the information I found has been either outdated or using different drone parts.

I’m here asking if anyone has any knowledge on getting the S.Port telemetry to work with the build that I have. I don’t mind having to solder or doing electrical work, I’m just looking for a way to get the most data possible through the FrSky S.Port to the 9xr controller.

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