NAVIO2 with EZ-Wifibroadcast

EZ-Wifibroadcast is a simple solution for digital HD video transmission using two RPis, and a raspberry camera.

EZ-Wifibroadcast is distributed as a readymade image, and as such it is not usable with NAVIO2 out of the box – since NAVIO2 requires a specialized Raspbian image, with Preempt-RT enabled.

Thus the question is, has anybody managed to put these two together – NAVIO2 and EZ-wifibroadcast, and shared the procedure to do so?

It would for sure make a hell of a platform for HD video transmission AND autonomous flight.

The way I see it, one could start with the NAVIO2 image, and apply the steps to install the EZ-Wifibroadcast toolchain (which includes kernel patches, as well as various scripts). Thing is, there is nowhere described what those steps are AFAIK.

Any thoughts, suggestions or links to the topic would be highly appreciated.


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I think you may need to search a little before posting :slight_smile:


If you read the topic you linked carefully, you’ll see that I have already posted a relevant question at the bottom, before starting a new topic.

You will also notice that there is no procedure posted there, just a description of the project and demo videos.

Thus the procedure is still missing. :slight_smile:

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My apologies, I read that post a few days ago and thought it was a how-to, but see that it isn’t complete.

np, I edited my question to be more specific as to what is being asked.

No you can’t just get an SD card image with wifibroadcast+navio all ready to go. However you can install a normal Navio imagine on you SD card, then install wifibroadcast onto that.

Once you have you navio all set up to fly as if you weren’t going to use wifibroadcast, then follow this tutorial, you’ll have to do a manual install of wifibroadcast onto your pi:

As of yet you can’t easily get a mavlink OSD.

For the receiver you can just use an easy image.

Hi @James_Wright,

Thanks for the reply. In the meantime, I saw that the old wifiboradcast thread has been updated with some new information. Maybe worth checking out

implementing mavlink as we speak, I’m just a couple of days away from a release. I’ve been working with a pfxmini but all my scripts and programs should work as well on a Navio. I also ordered a Navio2 today. Has Emlid released a buildable kernal yet? There are some kernal changes that make Wifibroadcast work with more types of wifi cards and generally make some improvements like rasing the power thresholds for those with FCC licenses. I’m afraid that is done only on the honor system so don’t use those patches unless you have the right licenses. There are no checks to ensure honestly.

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Hello, Rodizio just released a new version

Maybe worth taking a look of what they made.


Great news! Now it’s only a matter of having Rodizio’s changes play nicely with the NAVIO image!

On another note, from Rodizio’s notes:

  • Added support for serial data uplink (untested, may need manual fixing)
  • Added support for RC over wifibroadcast via Joystick (tested, but needs more testing)

I think the end of traditional RC/telemetry is one step closer…

working with the new image 1.3 now. It’s difficult to develop with, but a few minor changes fixed that. Render time for the OSD is 14-16 ms on my Pi 3 receiver. I need to know who to run a screen to screen test to get a real value. Changing bit rates greatly improves reliability thus range, and some changes are need to implement that smoothly, Akready done for railink cards, and I’l working on passing Atheros firmware bitrates also, both with no kernal changes needed!! We are so close to a full blown two way implementation for under $300 for the HD image and flight controller. Thanks to all who have helped, I’m mostly integrating projects from several people who have all done a great job. Including emlid who is supoorting us too. That is just great to have company support!!!

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Hello, do you have any news on this? Very very interested in testing it out, expecially if i can use telemetry on it and maybe stream my IP camera trough it (i don’t care much about latency).


Getting there. I found a new radiotap patch for rasnian 4.4 that made all of the changes I was making, plus a few more to control the bit rate and a few other things. Then my SD card died, so i am buidlding a new image again. Luckily most data was already backed up, I just need to revuild a new kernel with the right patch bersions. Some of the older patches I have to fix by hand. And I didnt properly config the rt kernal this fist time, according to a thread I just found here. emld is great.!!

ok, for some reason i cant find wbc runs uncredibly slowly on the emlid image, I’m sure i need to do some real time config, i just have no clue how. image latency is over 2 minutes …