Navio2 USB Camera Trigger

Can Navio2 be setup with Mavlink to trigger a camera through the Pi’s USB port?

I want to use Qgroundcontrol to send the “trigger” message based on my flight plan / distance but utilize LibGphoto2 (installed on Pi) commands to control the camera over USB, and my Reach M2 will record the event.

I basically just need my mission planner to tell LibGphoto2 to trigger.


Hi @RTK_Hunter,

I didn’t have a chance to work with LibGphoto2, so my thoughts may not be accurate. It looks like you can hardly use the RPi’s USB port to trigger a camera in the standard ArduPilot configuration. It’s usually either relay or servo. This is where the GCS operates with triggering action. Not sure it can catch this and convert it to a control message for the camera connected via USB.

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