Navio2 usage without RC transmitter

Takeoff / flying / landing only by connecting to QGC on an iPad possible?
If yes is it more risky than flying via an RC transmitter?

No IOS version of QGroundControl is available now.

GCS on tablet or computer rely on Radio telemetry (UART or Wifi) with mixed results. Could be fine at short and middle range.

In any case, local regulation may request to be able to regain control of your bird at any time, so RC link could be needed.

I use QGroundcontrol on my iPad. Via Wifi I am able to setup the drone. I am also able to arm and takeoff. But first attempt I had the quad on a small lace to get i back to me :wink:
So it toke off but very instable so thats why I asked if this could be a convenient method if I only try things out in my small garden where I have quite good WiFi connection……Take off, hover at 3m, adress some pgs coordinates inside the agred, landing etc…

I think you mean for Edge. For Navio 2 QGroundControl is available, I am very happy with it.

@masterklause, you can arm and start auto mission from QGroundControl without RC.
However it is highly risky due to WiFi link which can fail and I recommend at least a basic RC for fail safe.

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