Navio2, Unable to read TF-LUNA/LIDAR) sensor

1- Using Ardupilot ver 4.3.6
2- Using a USB-tty adaptor + TF-LUNA Lidar Sensor

3- Configured Ardupilot as follows,

Ardupilot does not read any data, nothing shows up on the status window, and I get a Bad LIDAR Sensor.

I know for a fact the sensor and the USB-TTL convertor are working well, since I can use a simple python program to read the range data from it, directly within the Raspberry 3b with the NAVIO2 board.

Hi @gusevargas,

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What if you specify /dev/ttyUSB0 instead of /dev/ttyUSB_LIDAR in the configurational file? Does it change anything?

I made the change on the /etc/default/ardupilot file to use /dev/ttyUSB0. The “BAD LiDAR Health” Message went away, however, the Sonar Voltage/Range Parameter are still zero, in the Status Window…

I see. Can you please change the baud rate to 57600 instead of 115200 in Mission Planner?

I tried 57600 and 38400, I just keep getting “BAD LIDAR HEALTH” message, and zero’s on the Sonar Range/Voltage.
Also tried 230400 and the “BAD LIDAR HEALTH” message goes away, however the Sonar Range/Voltage still zero
From reviewing previous posts, there is a lot of conflicting advice about switching to I2C. It seems the serial comms do not work on the NAViO or Ardupilot? This seems more of a development issue, than troubleshooting, it shouldn’t be this difficult to setup serial communications to an established platform? I wonder if there is perhaps a more mature version of this software, which is more reliable or perhaps provides basic throubleshooting tools, or even sensor testing before releasing it to the public?

Hi @gusevargas,

Serial ports on Navio2 should work just fine and can be used for connecting external devices. The absence of readings and warning messages can be related to incorrect settings, environmental conditions, or issues integrating ArduPilot with a particular sensor.

The latest stable version of ArduCopter supported by Navio2 image is 4.0.3. It’s possible that the issues can be related to the firmware version you’re using. I recommend checking the posts on the ArduPilot forum or the GitHub issues section to search for possible solutions.

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