NAVIO2 UART Pinouts?

Is there documentation anywhere on the pinouts of the UART port on the NAVIO2 as I’m needing to create a custom wiring harness for my rig and I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

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Sure. Take a look at the docs!

Thanks, but not quite what I was looking for.

I’m not looking for the 40-pin layout, I’m looking for the DF13 6-pin port labeled “UART” on the NAVIO2.

Oh, yeah, you’re right, That information seems to be lacking in our docs. We’ll fix them as soon as possible. Thanks for your report!
Anywho, you can always turn your board upside down and see the pinout. All pins are labeled underneath the DF13.

Thanks, I’ll pull the board and have a look.

But yes, having that information in the docs would be of great help in the future :slight_smile:

Is UART pinout on Navio+ the same as on Navio2?

Navio2 UART pinout is the same as Navio+. There is a picture with the wiring in the Navio+ doc.


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BUMP! The pinout information has not been added to Navio2 yet.

It is there, so I am closing this topic.