NAVIO2 UART Pinout (six pin connector)

I am trying to connect the bluetooth dongle from my Pixhawk to the NAVIO2. The previously used Pixhawk connector won’t quite latch to the board, so I am switching to the NAVIO2 provided one.

I need to know the NAVIO2 board UART connector pinout (six pin) so that I can connect the four wires (+5, GND, Tx, Rx) to my bluetooth dongle.

So far I have assumed that it is the same pinout as the Pixhawk, but I would like to ensure that this is the case before powering it up. I read that the pinout was listing in the old NAVIO+ document, but I failed to find that. Also my board is now mounted, so looking at the bottom is difficult.

Hello there!

The pinout is written right underneath every connector. So you can basically just flip over your board and look at the connector.

I have a question, though! Isn’t it easier to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules that are soldered on the Raspberry Pies themselves?

Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi 3 is disabled by default, but you can look up the instructions on our forum how to enable it.

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I was hoping to use Bluetooth instead of wi-fi – because I am already using the wi-fi to communicate with the GoPro on the same device. It is an option, but since I don’t need the range I would rather not use it.

I wasn’t sure whether it was possible to use the bluetooth on the Pi 3. I may sacrifice a bit of range (meh) by using it, but it is probably a cleaner option. I will search for the forum post on it.

I verified that the pinout is indeed the same as it is on the Pixhawk.