Navio2 UART max baudrate problem


HW config: Pi2 + Navio2.
SW config: QGroundControl + PX4 Pro.
Serial link: UART.

I can’t connect to the Navio2 UART with the baudrate higher than 115200. If the speed is below or equal, than everything is ok.
But i need maximum possible baudrate, which is 921600.
For the test i tried to connect with the same QGroundControl app to the different control board (Aerocore2) and it was ok (921600).

Is it possible to setup Navio2 UART to the baudrate higher than 115200?
If not, is it possible to use other Rpi2/Navio2 IO stuff to establish serial connection?

Thanks in advance!

@eliastarasov Hi! This is a UART from Raspberry Pi, please check the for similar issues. There are plenty of topics on that, some got to have a solution.

Alternatively, you can use USB-to-UART adapters based on FTDI/CP210x chips.