Navio2 traditional heli

Has anyone tried to fly a traditional heli with a Navio2 onboard?

I have been flying my project quad with my Navio2, and it flies great. =)

Now I have just got my self a second hand Trex 450 with flybar, I plan fly it with my Navio2. I will update this thread with the progress.


Hi Alex,

I am currently doing the same I have an old Trex 600 flybarless. I havent flown it yet but am running through the setup and thus far everything is working as it should. Check out youtube for traditional heli setup videos by Chris Olson. There has been numerous updates recently on the Copter-3.6 branch of ardupilot for traditional heli to make it easier to setup and make the default parameters better for new setups plus some updates to the throttle control including a 5 point throttle curve. I am using 3.6rc7 which I built from source.


Hi Alex,

Navio2 should work fine with heli.

Would be great to see the project’s progress!

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