Navio2 to Raspberry Pi2 Vehicle Information / Mavlink data

Hi there. Excuse my ignorance, I’m still figuring this all out. I’ve got a Navio2 on a RPi2 board. I would like to do some onboard processing … simply get the vehicles location data, AHRS data and possible overlay it on a photo taken with the raspi camera, or do something else with the data.

So I think an easy way would be to direct the mavlink data via UDP to the raspi and then try and process that. This seems like an odd way of doing it as the Navio2 is directly on the Pi2 so couldn’t I access the data directly?

I could use MAVproxy to get the vehicle info but I don’t want to run more code than I need to on the Pi - Although this seems to be a well documented way and once I figure out how to create my own module, this might be the way to go.

I’ve tried to figure out Mavlink decoding … but I think I need a few more months for that to make sense.

But simply … how can I get vehicle info from Navio2 to RPI2 using c++ and with minimal code?


The first place to look for is our examples’ repo. It gives you a possibility to use use any sensor on a Navio 2. There were a couple of projects which could be of interest. You can search for them on our forum. They used ROS, MAVRos and our drivers.

Thanks George. I’ll have a search through the forum for those projects.

I did try the Navio2 examples and I’m able to get sensor data and even gps data. But, and I need to think about this a bit, how do I run an instance of ArduCopter on the RasPi and get the vehicle information (back to the Pi) while it’s running. Preferably the HUD info is what I’ll need.


ı have problem too .can you help me with your code