Navio2 Telemetry kits

I’ve had a look in the EMLID forum but feel I would like some advice.

Can anyone recommend a telemetry set to use with the navio2 and missionplanner?

I’ve previously relied on the 3DR telemetry which I know is good quality, but now it’s extremely hard to come by.

This one seems reasonable, but still a 3DR copy and don’t know how reliable. Not a fan of the thought of putting a nice drone up there with a poor quality telemetry kit. I suppose another option is - which is far overpriced given it seems to be a copy as well, but at least I believe the company has done some quality checking of the units before sending them out.

Another clone but definitely good equipment:

I’m a dealer of theirs and I know their stuff is good


Seems they only have one left in stock so better hurry. Just need to make sure there’s no additional customs fee associated with the order first.

These are dreamy.

Looks like excellent quality! I need 433mhz, though, as I am based in Europe.