Navio2 Stretch Image GUI Setup

Hello Everyone!

I am looking to setup the Navio2 with a RaspberryPi with the Stretch image provided in the tutorials. I have successfully set this up and have it running ArduRover 3.2.

I was wondering if there is a way to enable the Raspbian GUI?

I have already attempted to change the boot sequence on the Pi through sudo raspy-config; though when it boots it will show a login screen, once logged in the RPi just reboots.

Any help would be very useful

Our Raspbian image is very much similar to Raspbian-lite that doesn’t have GUI by default because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to enable GUI on an autopilot. Nevertheless, it can be done.

sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-ui-mods

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Slightly unrelated, but can we safely remove the George dir ?? :slight_smile: I guess so, but always good to ask

Wow! No idea how it slipped through. Yes, sure. I’ll delete in the release as well. Thanks for noticing. This is a left-over that of course should’ve been deleted.


I might have missed it, but is there a guide/script that will install all the Navio2 related stuff on top of a “blank” Stretch image ? Even better would be to have a guide/script to recreate the image with everything (ArduPilot/ROS/MAVROS, etc :slight_smile: )


I agree! That would be a very useful feature. I’m attempting to use the Navio 2, Roboteq motor controller, HOKUYO Lidar and raspberry pi to create a intelligent geound vehicle for completion.

This is just my explanation for wanting to use GUI as it will allow me to setup ROS/SLAM.

The change is just too vast and there hasn’t been a point to release the scripts. But I guess, there’s no point keeping you guys in the dark, so we’ll release in the next couple of weeks.


Just for you guys to know, recently a couple of devs are gathering to extend the APSync/APWeb project, and also the Maverick project and I’m also extending that project to be able to run natively with the latest NavIO2 (Stretch) image as a base.

Side note:

Have you guys seen any strange behaviour on the servo output pins when using Copter ?

I have a TLog recorded where we can clearly see spurious values being outputted to Servo 9 to 14, while the pins that have motors assigned behave correctly.

If you feel necessary I can open a discussion on the forum.

Best regards


I had a flight log today with my OctoQuadX. Stretch with 3.5.3 and RCIO update.

I have 3 servo output

RC-out 9 is Gimbal Tilt,
10 is camera switch
11 is Navigation light control.

All traces are clean,


Adding the TLOG

2017-10-15 02-11-20.tlog (4.1 MB)


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