Navio2: servos work only on pins 1-4

Hardware setup: RPi3/Navio2
uname -r: 4.9.45-94f47ec-emlid-v7+

According to this page: servos can be connected to any of the pins 1-14 of the Navio2. I’ve got servos connected to pins 1-4 and they work fine. But if I connect servos to pins 5 and above they do nothing. Any idea why this would be?

What vehicle type do you want to use?
Depending on the vehicle, there are some servo outputs preconfigured.
If you want to use additional outputs, you have to set them up according to your needs. This is done with a GCS software like Missionplanner or Qgroundcontrol.

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Ah, ok. This is arduplane.

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