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Hello, I am developing image procession systems with jetson nano hardware on opencv, so I want to receive coordination from navio2+rtk through a signal whose image has been processed. In short, I will assign the location of the drone that has been detected instantly to a location control station. How can I do that? Also, how can I receive coordination from Navio2 to which a signal has been sent and assign a point to that location? Thank you.

Hi Abdullah

You can use dronekit or ros library.

For example(python 2.7 dronekit)

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Hi Abdullah,

We do not support the integration of Navio2 and nVidia Jetson Nano. At the moment, Navio2 can be used with Raspberry Pi 2, 3, and 4 only.

Additionally, Navio2 cannot work in RTK mode. If you want to locate your drone you can check Reach M+ or Reach M2 GNSS receivers. They can be connected to the Jetson Nano using a USB port and support standard NMEA position stream. If you need centimeter-level accuracy you will also need a base receiver. You can check these ready-made Reach M+ UAV RTK Kit or Reach M2 UAV RTK Kit. Regarding the difference between Reach M+ and Reach M2 you can also check our article.

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