Navio2 RTK autonomous rover brushless DC motor choices and other small questions

Hello guys

I hope this is the right section to post this, I am new to the whole RC world so I apologize in advance for any “dumb” questions.

I want to build a Rover application based around the Navio2 and a Reach M2 and ardupilot (We already have a fixed Reach M as a base and I want to get correction data with LTE)

Question 1:
I am planning to build my rover around the JPL mars rover concept, for now the concept version will only have to achieve walking speed (around 4 kmh) with a payload of 20KG on 10Inch diameter wheels, I calculated that I would need only around 6W to do that, I do however need 0.86nm torque to get everything rolling, I have looked at these motors (They are a terrible overkill for now, but they give me great expansion options) Robomaster M2006 and it seems like they use a speed controller RM-C610 it seems since the motor use FOC I can’t just use a normal ESC I would need that speed controller for the motor? And I assume even though it uses FOC I can still manipulate it with PWM from the Navio2?

These I think relate more to ardupilot than to the Navio
Question 2:
Can the Navio support 6 drive wheels like in my rover design?

Question 3:
Can the Navio/ardupilot support 4 wheel steering?
E.g : If the front wheel servo’s are making the rover turn left, the rear wheels need to turn right to help it make better turns.

I am sure I will have a bunch more questions to come, but I would appreciate any and all help :slight_smile:

Edit: Also for my proof of concept I am only going to use 4 motors, not 6.

Thanks guys!

Hi @PJJansen1236,

It depends on whether ArduPilot supports this type of speed controller or not. There is a list of setup instructions for the most popular types in the ArduPilot docs. However, may I ask you to share a datasheet for the RM-C610 speed controller so I can check it out?

Ardupilot supports separate and skid steering of 2 or more independent wheels. You can learn more about possible setups in the ArduPilot docs.

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