Navio2/RPi3B overclocking

System info:
emlidtool version: 1.0.1
Vendor: Emlid Limited
Product: Navio 2
Issue: Emlid 2017-09-22 94b6586ea415c117b57d0d9eed9fc2df0bf1bcfd
Kernel: 4.9.45-94f47ec-emlid-v7+
APM:Copter V3.5.2 (62a12357)

Im planning on doing some image processing on the RPi and thus i tried to overclock the RPi3B by editing the /boot/config.txt, and adding some overclock parameters. It seems something happened with the file after i saved it and rebooted the system. If that wasn’t enough, i made the noob mistake not to do a backup.

When i tried to open the /boot/config.txt after the reboot the file was empty…

  1. Could someone post the original content of the /boot/config.txt for the Stretch release?
  2. And some thoughts on overclocking the RPi3B with Navio2 hat?
  3. How much power can the Navio2 provide to the RPi3B?


It would be reasonable to try if the performance is enough for your tasks without doing anything.

  1. I’d suggest not to do overclocking if you don’t know how all clocks work exactly in the system. It is easy to break some internal reference frequency for some peripheral bus.
  2. Power module provides 2.25A, Navio2 doesn’t consume much by itself (100-200mA)

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