Navio2/RPi3 with switch and encoder input?


I am doing a drone project where I want to use the Navio2 on a Raspberry Pi 3. The Navio2 should run Arducopter while the Raspberry Pi runs an Opencv script with a camera sending commands to Arducopter using DroneKit. I also want to be able to control 4 servos from the python code and get input values to the code from a limit switch (similar to this one Micro Contact / Limit Switch - RobotShop) and an optical encoder. Is this possible with the Navio2/Raspberry3? The switch and encoder is what I am unsure about, is there any way to get these input values with this setup? If not, is there some kind of way to workaround this issue?


This is the exact use case for Navio 2. You can try searching on this forum for dronekit and you’re good to go!